Richmond County “Nourish Your Neighbor” food drive begins – Richmond County Daily Journal

Food insecurity is not uncommon for Richmond County residents.

Statistics show that thousands of individuals in Richmond are food insecure and do not have access to nourishing food, or very little food in general. By donating your canned goods, you can help thousands of individuals in Richmond County have access to meals they usually do not have otherwise.

While we welcome all food donated, please keep in mind that many of these individuals that are food insecure do not get the proper nutrients they need every day to reach the dietary intake guidelines for Americans. Also, many canned goods are high in sodium, sugar, and preservatives. While donating your canned food items also consider donating: 100% Fruit Juice, Raisins, Low sodium canned vegetables, Low Sodium Salsa and Canned Tomatoes Brown Rice, Wheat Breads and Whole Wheat Pasta, Soft Corn Tortillas, Quinoa, Canned Tuna in water or Canned Chicken in Water, Dry Beans, Canned Beans, Peanut Butter, and Unsalted Nuts.

Donations may be dropped off at the following locations throughout March:

· Richmond County Health Department

· Richmond County Department of Social Services

· Leath Memorial Library, Rockingham, NC

· Kemp-Sugg Memorial Library, Ellerbe, NC

· Hamlet Public Library

· Richmond County Sheriff’s Department

Sponsored by the Richmond County Health Department WIC Program in observance of National Nutrition Month. This year’s theme is “Eat Right Bite by Bite”.